Coaching Services

During this time with me, we will...
Set smart goals & achieve them
Develop an action plan
Get simple progress-tracking tools
Get fresh ideas
Get an experienced accountability partner
Get access to marketing tools & tactics
Facebook & Google ad strategies
Email Marketing Training
Get expert guidance


Beauty Biz Growth Package


Beauty Biz Growth Package (6 months required)
1:1 marketing strategy call
Office hours for quick questions
Email support
Brand Identity
Creation of unique and memorable brand that reflects business vision and values
Marketing Strategy
Development of comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to business goals
Target audience research
Campaign planning and execution
Automated Systems
Streamlining of marketing processes with automated systems
Email campaigns and social media scheduling
Social Media Marketing
Creation of strong social media presence
Strategy for maximizing reach and impact
Paid Advertising
Development of effective ad campaigns to reach new audiences and drive sales
Email Marketing
Creation and execution of engaging email campaigns to drive conversions
Expert support and guidance to achieve business goals and reach new levels of success